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How I Ranked No. 1 Google Through Link Emperor

Review of: Link Emperor

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On April 2, 2014
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I will not suggest using Link Emperor as a stand alone service. Although they claim so but due to fast changing Google algorithm, you must use variation in link building and content quality.

How I Ranked No. 1 Google Through Link Emperor

In this article I will show, how I used Link emperor to get top rankings in Google.

What is Link Emperor?

Link Emperor is a online based link building service.

It is a service which hires different link building vendors(mostly automated) on single platform and monitors them on your behalf.

Most of the services are top notch and hence Link emperor is one of most talk about link building services in seo world.

Link emperor is slowly gaining reputation in seo world because of solid campaign management, link diversity, link stability, domain authority and good layout control panel.

They have very good link building control panel and reporting section which makes vendors accountable for their services and force them to provide top quality service to customers.

First of all, here are the rankings at the time of writing this post.

Current Rankings

 Why need of this post

Ok, how I came up with idea to write this post?

I have seen many link emperor tutorials around the web, but none of them shows how to exactly proceed or do we get any actual results.

This is my case study and I do hereby accept that I made mistakes while  achieving rankings for the site.

There are many ways you can use Link Emperor(LE), depending on your goals or linking strategy.

Ok, lets start the story…


Problems with Link Emperor Plans

When I started using LE, there plan used to $147 for 100 keywords and 30000 credits. Moreover, additional keywords used to cost $0.10 per keywords or you can buy more slots for $100 per 100 keywords.

I found that each service generally used to cost 200 credits per blast.

You can also upgrade to higher plans but that would cost whopping $497 at next level. I started with smaller levels to test the service and see how it will go in link building strategy.

Now they have upgraded to all plans with higher keywords limits. For example, now $147 plan consist of 500 keywords and additional keywords cost $0.05 per keyword.

Now they have converted credit system to blast system. That means at basic plan you get 150 blast(5 each day).

You can check their current plans here.

 link emperor plans


I think post Google updates, as most web masters were in need of higher keywords limit and they have done that as market requirement. Thumbs up for that.


Initial Settings…. Was It Good?


If you are not familiar with LE interface, then go to their site as they have many tutorials on, how to use their system with various settings and with different services.

When I first started with LE then I used to have these settings in their link building settings tab.

Link Emperor Settings

I saw improvements in rankings but I knew I can’t carry on with these settings for long time, but my goal was to diversify links in initial stages. You can see I used wiki and forum profiles also directly to main site but in a very less amount.

I know that was against the general opinion in seo industry, but I used it.

[important]Content Solutions For Newbie’s[/important]

For articles,  I used their inner settings of articlebuilder and PLR settings. Most of the time I used articlebuilder as quality of articles are quite better than PLR articles.

Article Builder Articles

As articlebuilder was service by creators of thebestspinner, hence spinned out quality of articles were quite good.

I will recommend that you read out those articles yourself after selection and see how it goes. Moreover, after blast is done, you should check article quality at the targeted site and see how you feel after reading it.

You will find that many articles you have to delete manually after seeing their spinned out versions in final linking site. You have to manually control the automation of the system.

Time for change

Using above initial settings for one month, it was time for change.

I changed settings to tiered link building.

Tiered Link Building

You can see, now I am getting links from private networks blog posts and web 2.0 sites as tier one layer. Rest of the blasts going to tier one layer.

One feature which is very good in LE is that you can use your other tier one links from other services or sources and put them into system for tiered linking.

Facing new problem


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One new problem which I started noticing is now of indexing. I gave it some time because I do not want to force my links on search engine right from beginning.

So, I started with their in house indexing service which is called index emperor.

index emperor

Starting indexing service was a wise decision as links has to be indexed to make them count.

I also started with other indexing services, which are integrated into LE that is lindexed and linklicious.

Benefits of Lindexed..

1. you can use very large amounts of links for indexing

2. cost is reasonable which is lower than index emperor but higher than linklicious

Benefits of Linklicious..

1. There are various plans for different need for example I started with $17 plan initially to test the service.

2. They also provide other services to build extra links to your site. Hence, indexing becomes free of cost.

 Results so far…

 Ranking was improving overall and used all these settings for three to four months. Many keywords started to hit page one and some hitting to number positions.

Now the time has come to change the core thing of linking game and that is content.

Because sooner or later, If I don’t pay attention to content then Google will hit the site.

There are many who have the notion that why content was not considered at first place. Friends it is because I was not expecting any results from this automated services.

But you can see if you use the tools in proper way then results are within your reach.

 [important]Important changes for content issues[/important]

Now I stopped all settings of automated content generation. You can do this thing as login → campaigns→Articles→Auto Generate Things→Select No

Auto Generation

[important]I started adding articles manually[/important]


Articles were outsourced from different services like ranking-articles, iwriter and content authority.

I used high quality, readable, copyscape passed and informative articles from these content services.

ranking articles, iwriter and content authority

 [notice]Spinning is really effective?[/notice]

Now, comes the spinning part. Most of us are familiar with best spinner and spin writer.

They are very good on their features but still you need to put some manual effort to get decent output.

I have done separate review for these services with quality of articles and examining features of each service against each other. You can see reviews of article spinning service over here.

I tested one new service called wordai and got very good results.

word ai

They have one very good feature called touring method, which spits out very high quality spinned article.

While spinning you must read your article after spinning and check any error in the spunned version of article or I would say find flaw in flow of the article.

So, here is my testing of linkemperor service and sharing results with you.

I have only mentioned my methods and tweaks used in link emperor and I have used other services in addition to link emperor for my link building.

You can get detailed reviews about other services in my other posts.

Please give your suggestions in comments below and let me know how this method can be improved further.


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